Strings, But Better

You want strings at your wedding, but the idea of four people in tuxedos staring at their music stands isn't quite right, is it?  Why not hire an electric violinist?

I play live along with background tracks all recorded by me in my studio.  This gives me a lot of stylistic flexibility!

Pre-service Music

I have original instrumental music and arrangements of popular songs that are perfect for setting the mood as your guests are seated.

Your guests will know immediately that your wedding is going to have style and originality.

Processional Music

I have traditional string quartet arrangements such as Canon in D and the Wedding March if you want something timeless.

I also have original arrangements of songs such as 1000 Years and Can't Help Falling In Love if you want something more contemporary.

This is your day.  You should have the flexibility to choose the mood. An electric violinist allows you to do that far better than a traditional string quartet.

Your Own ORIGINAL Song

How many people have music written especially for them?

On one of the most important days of your life, shouldn't you have some music that's meaningful to you?  Music that's for you and about you?

I can compose and record an original song for you to walk down the aisle to.  Tell me some songs that are important in your relationship - your first dance, the song the band was playing when you met, your college fight song - and I can work those tunes into your processional.

I'll make sure you get an official studio recording of this song so you can have it forever.

I'll need some notice and there is an additional fee for this, but starting your lifelong marriage with your own song will be a priceless memory.

Recessional Music

Let people know this is a celebration!  You can walk out to an up-tempo tune like "Signed, Sealed, and Delivered - I'm Yours" with drums and bass thumping.  Your guests will be ready to dance!

Cocktail Hour

Between the ceremony and the reception, you'll have people to greet and pictures to take.  Your guests need to be entertained while they're waiting for you.  What better time to have a cocktail hour with live music?  

My equipment is already on site.  Let me entertain your guests for an hour while you're capturing memories on film.  I'll get them started dancing and singing to set you up for an awesome reception!

Audio Sample

Here are some samples of tunes I can use for pre and post service music.